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Harsiddh engineering Co. is a recognized brand in the supply vial washing machines. The two popular automatic linear vial washing machines are the HLVW-150 and the HLVW-80 model. The HLVW- 150 has a throughput of 60-150 vials per minute while the HLVW-80 model has capacity of 40 to 80 vials per minute depending on vial size that ranges from 2ml to 20ml. Our vial washing machine has CE certification.

The loading, cleaning and exit mechanisms are automatic and this increases the cleaning throughput and ensures minimum handling and contamination. The linear vial washer machines have a specially designed in-feed worm wheel that inverts vials and holds them on an indexing device ready for the first wash. The washing cycle is achieved through water and air nozzles that are directed on the inverted vials for maximum cleaning. The specially designed pumps supply water to nozzles at high pressure to effect the cleaning.

The devices are specially designed to perform 7 washing cycles depending on the user preferences and type of vial be cleaned. The machines have an automatic system to exit the bottle after cleaning ready for further processing. Parts that come into contact with the vials are manufactured from stainless steel SS316 and meet the cGMP standards for pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing processes.

These machines have low water and electrical power consumption. In addition, the input and exit feed worm, in feed and exit star wheel can be easily changed to clean larger or smaller vials. This increases the machine flexibility and reduces the changeover time.

Salient Features

  • Linear left to right direction.
  • Indexing linear chain mechanism.
  • Automatic in feed of vials through un-scrambler.
  • Machine Provides 4 Water Washes & 3 Air Washes.
  • Suitable for siliconization (Optional).
  • Separate pumping systems provide high pressure jets.
  • Complete Flexibility with user for washing cycle.
  • All contact parts made from SS316L.
  • Entire Frame Covers & Non-contact parts made out from SS 304.
  • Nozzles Enter into the container during washing cycle to meet cGMP Requirement.
  • Low water consumption.
  • Quick change over with minimum use of tools.

Technical Specification

Model No.HLVW-80HLVW-150
Output / Hour4800 / Hour (Depend on size)9000 / Hour (Depend on size)
DirectionLinear (Left to right)Linear (Left to right)
Vial Dia.16mm to 38mm16mm to 38mm
Vial sizes2ml to 30ml2ml to 30ml
Contact PartsStainless Steel 316LStainless Steel 316L
Electrical Input380 V, 3 Phase, 50 Hz, 4 wire380 V, 3 Phase, 50 Hz, 4 wire
Power Requirements1 H.P. For Main Machine
0.5 H.P. For Un-scrambler
(0.5 H.P. X 3 No) = 1.5 H.P. for Pumping station
1.5 H.P. For Main Machine
0.5 H.P. For Un-scrambler
(0.5 H.P. X 3 No) = 1.5 H.P. for Pumping station
UtilitiesFresh Water, DM Water, WFI,
Air – 30 CFM @ 5 bar
Fresh Water, DM Water, WFI,
Air – 30 CFM @ 5 bar
Working Height900 to 950mm adjustable900 to 950mm adjustable
Dimension1700mm (L) X 650mm (W)2000mm (L) X 950mm (W)

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